Jeanelle Lust is professional and highly knowledgeable in the “no compete” lawsuit where we needed her guidance through the procedure and litigation. Jeanelle paid close attention to all the details and explained all the legal jargon to us so we were able to understand what was happening. We were very happy with her services and will always recommend her to anyone else that we hear of needing legal services.

A Satisfied Knudsen Client

We recently worked with Jeanelle Lust and Carly Bahramzad and were very satisfied with our choice of Knudsen Law Firm to handle an employee issue.  This was a matter that was very complex and time consuming to our company, but they took care of every detail for us and communicated all the results in a very timely and uncomplicated fashion.

We will not hesitate to call on them again for future needs.


Jeanelle Lust offered expert guidance and provided clear direction as to how to handle my legal issue. The legal matter was handled professionally and to my satisfaction. She has definitely brought the term “legal counselor” back into the law arena.