Nebraska’s Biennial reports and fees for Domestic and Foreign Non-Profit Corporations are due in odd numbered years. A Non-Profit Corporation must file its biennial report and pay the $25.00 fee by April 1st of this year. There are two ways to file the report and pay the fee. The first is to file the report online and pay the fee either by credit card or by e-check. There is a $3.00 portal fee charged to pay the fee this way.

The second way is to print out a paper report. You may print out a paper report from the Secretary of State’s website, complete the form, then mail it in with your $25.00 fee. The paper form may be found at the following website:

Whether you file and pay the fee online or by mail, the report must be received and fee paid by April 1, 2021 or the Non-Profit Corporation will be dissolved on June 2, 2021. You may revive a dissolved Non-Profit Corporation, but you will be assessed additional fees. A Non-Profit Corporation administratively dissolved/revoked may reinstate by filing the appropriate reinstatement forms with the Secretary of State’s Business Services division.