By: Sydney C. Aase

The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court has announced the newest maximum weekly income benefit effective January 1, 2020. The new maximum weekly income benefit will increase to $882.00 for work-related injuries and illnesses occurring after January 1, 2020. This increase is set according to a statutory formula and equals 100 percent of the state average weekly wage. The applicable maximum weekly income benefit is determined by the injured workers date of injury. Below are the maximum compensation rates for the past few years:

Injury Occurring Between
Effective 1/1/2020 $882.00
1/1/2019-12/31/2019 $855.00
1/1/2018-12/31/2018 $831.00
1/1/2017-12/31/2017 $817.00
1/1/2016-12/31/2016 $785.00
1/1/2015-12/31/2015 $761.00
1/1/2014-12/31/2014 $747.00
1/1/2013-12/31/2013 $728.00
1/1/2012-12/31/2012 $710.00


The minimum benefit rate of $49.00 per week has not increased since 1984.

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