fired Nebraska is an employment at will state. Generally an employer can fire you for any reason and the employee can’t do anything about it. Usually an attorney can’t help you when you’re fired from your job. However, an attorney may be able to help you in the following circumstances:

  1. Were you fired because of discrimination based on your age, religion, race, gender, genetic information, disability, military service, sexual orientation or marital status?
  2. Were you fired because you recently filed an employment discrimination complaint or workers’ compensation claim?
  3. Did your employer fire you after FMLA leave after you requested additional leave?
  4. Did your employer fire after you reported wrong doing by the employer to the appropriate authorities?
  5. Have you been paid all wages you are due including commissions and unused vacation time?
  6. Have you been offered a severance package?
  7. Did you sign a non-compete agreement?
  8. Is your employer trying to charge you for “training time” or otherwise claiming you owe the employer money?
  9. Were you paid minimum wage and overtime?