There are times when you will sue or be sued and lose an important motion. You may want to appeal that order immediately. However, you should make sure your trial counsel understands the importance and technicalities of what constitutes final orders in Nebraska before proceeding with an expensive appeal. This importance was demonstrated again in First Nat. Bank of North Platte v. Sheets, 16 Neb. App. 35 (Oct 13, 2007). In that case, the defendant First Nat. Bank of SD had its appeal dismissed because the PLAINTIFF hadn’t served all of the potential parties in an interpleader action. While it would seem logical that an adverse ruling against the First Nat. Bank of SD would have been enough to allow an appeal — especially when service of process was outside its control, the court disagreed. The lawyers at the Knudsen Law Firm have extensive experience in appellate work and can help guide you through the nuances of the final order analysis.

Jeanelle Lust
Managing Partner