I have not worked since Dec 2002. Can I apply for SS disability? 61 yrs old. Retired military. Rated 100% disabled by VA. Suffer from both mental and physical impairments. Have been under constant medical care for all conditions for over a decade. See psychiatrist/counselor weekly and have had over a dozen surgeries since 2000. Initial application for disability was denied.

Generally, you have to have worked both long enough and recently enough to qualify (paid into Social Security). It may not be sufficient that you worked for many years and paid into Social Security -- when you worked is also important. Most people need at least 20 credits earned over ten years (1 credit each [...]

March 9th, 2014|

I am an employer and if we have it on our application and in our handbook that we cannot guarantee hours and explain to employees that there may be periods of time with no hours, how is it right that they can apply for unemployment benefits and win?! Isn’t it similar to seasonal or temporary work?

The fact that you cannot guarantee hours in the future is irrelevant to the determination of unemployment benefits, because Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) looks backward not forward. One of the basic requirements to receive unemployment benefits is that the employee must establish “monetary eligibility,” by working and earning a certain amount of wages or by working [...]

February 9th, 2014|