Trev Peterson to Present at NBI Seminar

Trev Peterson will be one of several presenters to speak during a two day seminar put on by the National Business Institute on September 27-28, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Peterson will speak on September 28th on farm contracts, leases and agreements. Some of the topics he will cover will include land owner v. farmer [...]

Trev E. :eterson

Trev Peterson Set to Make Presentation

Trev Peterson is part of the faculty set to present “Curing the Top Commercial Real Estate Title Defects” at a National Business Institute seminar in Omaha on December 11, 2015. Mr. Peterson will discuss resolving commercial property easement, encroachment and setback issues including what easement matters can and cannot be insured, obtaining easements by necessity, [...]

Human resources

Seminar: Human Resource Law From Start to Finish

On October 29, 2015, in Omaha, Nebraska, Kevin McManaman and Jeanelle Lust of the Knudsen Law Firm and authors of the Nebraska Human Resources Library will be presenting multiple topics related to employment law at the NBI Seminar titled Human Resource Law from Start to Finish. Mr. McManaman will be presenting about Employee Handbooks and [...]

labor laws - human resources seminar

Seminar: State and Federal Employment and Labor Laws

On Sept. 10, 2015, Kevin McManaman of the Knudsen Law Firm and author of the Nebraska Human Resources Library will be presenting Employment Handbooks and Policies in the 21st Century. This comprehensive seminar will cover a gamut of various Nebraska and federal labor laws and regulations. It will also focus on the many aspects of [...]

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Dick Knudsen Participates in No Sit Sunday

Sunday's Nebraska Men's Basketball game against Wisconsin was deemed "No Sit Sunday" where the coaches asked the fans to stand the entire game. Dick Knudsen at 89 years old had no problem meeting that request and was even recognized on Twitter for standing the entire game. Thanks to Jon Callahan for taking the picture and [...]

March 10th, 2014|events|

Intellectual Property 101

Michael W. Khalili of the Knudsen Law Firm will be speaking at ASTD-Lincoln’s June meeting regarding the understanding and everyday use of intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents.

Trev Peterson presenting on LLCs for NBI Business Bootcamp National Webcam CLE

Trev Peterson of the Knudsen Law Firm will be presenting on: Forming Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) A. Initial Considerations B. Drafting Articles of Organization C. Drafting the Operating Agreement D. Rights and Duties of Members E. Management Structure F. Assignments of Membership Interests G. Buy-Sell Provisions H. Security Interests I. Disassociation J. Dissolution and Liquidation [...]

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