Every other year, Nebraska businesses must file a report with the Nebraska Secretary of State (NSoS). This year (and all odd numbered years), the report is due for limited liability companies (LLC), nonprofit corporations, and limited liability partnerships (LLP). The NSoS sends a notification by postcard in January and if you miss the initial deadline (March 31), you will receive a letter titled “Notice of Determination.” That letter has your entity’s NSoS business services account number which you need in order to file the report online. You can also look up your account number by searching here: https://www.nebraska.gov/sos/corp/corpsearch.cgi

Here is the website where you can file your report online or download a form to file the report by mail:

There is an accompanying tax which you can pay online when filing the report.

Failure to file the biennial report and pay the accompanying tax will result in dissolution of your business entity. Following dissolution, it is possible to reinstate your business entity, but it is far easier to stay in good standing with the NSoS in the first place.

If you have questions about your business entity or potentially forming a business entity, you should contact a business law attorney. You can contact the author by email at [email protected] or by phone at 402-475-7011.