While probably the biggest piece of health care related legislation to come from the 2012 Unicameral Session was LB599, the low-income prenatal care program bill, other health care related legislation was also passed.

LB541 was passed in hopes of reinforcing the State’s Medicaid program’s fiscal integrity. The law allows the Department of Health and Human Services to contract with one or more recovery audit contractors who would provide services to:

  • review provider claims and overpayment recovery;
  • cost avoidance through identifying third-party liability;
  • cost recovery of third-party liability through postpayment reimbursement; and
  • identification and recovery of claims that were the result of accident or neglect and payable to a casualty insurer.

LB1083 clarifies permitted practices under the Nebraska Nurse Practitioner Act as well as clarifies that licensed nurses may be hired to provide home health care to family members and friends. LB788 changes the current state statute to reflect changes in the standards adopted by the federal government and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by expanding the ability to order respiratory therapy beyond a licensed physician to include a licensed physician assistant, a nurse practitioner and a certified registered nurse anesthetists.