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Lawyers at the Knudsen Law Firm are admitted to practice in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Colorado, so that we can meet your needs throughout the region.

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Our experience allows us to quickly concentrate resources on the largest, most complex legal issues, while efficiently staffing smaller, less complex matters.

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With roots reaching back to our founding in 1881, we have the experience you need and a history we’re very proud of. The Honorable Jesse B. Strode is credited with being the founder of what would eventually become the Knudsen Law Firm in 1881.

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The Knudsen Law Firm is a full-service law firm with a singular focus on client satisfaction, achieved by resolving or preventing the challenges our clients face. No matter what situation you or your loved ones are facing, we help you deal with it. Our attorneys have the expertise, skill, understanding and experience to tackle the legal issues you’re faced with, whether from a personal injury, an employment situation, or matters related to your own family.

Our unique team-based approach means you can be confident you’re receiving the best possible service and legal advice from our distinguished team of lawyers, paralegals and other staff working together on behalf of our clients. Our approach is straightforward. We listen to you. We talk to each other. We work together–on your behalf. We satisfy our clients.

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By: Trev E. Peterson Nebraska holds that Social Security funds that are comingled in a bank account are exempt from garnishment, if the account owner can prove that the funds deposited in the account were exempt funds. Schaefer Shapiro, LLP v. Ball, 305 Neb. 669, ___ N.W.2d ___ (2020) involved an appeal of a garnishment […]

Safe Estate Planning in a Pandemic

Knudsen law is prioritizing safe estate planning during the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has upended our world and  how we think about planning for the future. Many understandably feel great uncertainty about estate planning during this time. The increased urgency to have a secure plan conflicts with concerns of in-person meetings and even leaving the […]

Is my stimulus payment included as income to be paid under my Chapter 13 Plan?

By: Trev E. Peterson             No, debtors in Chapter 13 cases do not have to include the COVID-19 stimulus payments received from the federal government in income payable to the Chapter 13 trustee under a Chapter 13 plan. Congress specifically excluded the COVID-19 stimulus payments from the definition of income in computing debtors’ disposable net […]


By: Trev E. Peterson           What happens when you do not pay your real estate taxes? Nebraska law provides two methods to collect unpaid real estate taxes. The county can sell tax sale certificates that allow the holder of the certificate to either foreclose the county’s lien for the unpaid real estate taxes or allow […]